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Summer Championships
    Won By Runner Up
2022 Mens Singles Mario Santos Costa Fergus Morrison
Mixed Doubles Sarah Cullip & Andrew Fox Caroline Bowers & Clive Daykin
Ladies Doubles Vicky Chung & Clare Warren Shirley Cook & Marjorie Cakebread
2021 Covid
2020 Singles Div 1 Paul Metcalfe Andy Weller
Singles Div 2 Andrew Fox Dan Bell
Singles Div 3 Kira Ostreicher Tony Fowkes
Doubles Ladder Jo & Paul Jaggard Caroline Bowers & Clive Daykin
2019 Ladies Singles Ellie Johnson Vicky Chung
Mens Singles Fergus Morrison Matt Willis
Ladies Doubles Vicky Chung & Liliana Granger Jo Jaggard & Tina Tupper
Mens Doubles James Wood & Mike Deeks Alex Stuart & Paul Jaggard
Mixed Doubles Jo Jaggard & Matt Willis Sarah Cullip & Mike Deeks
Veterans Doubles Liliana Granger & Mike Deeks Marjorie Cakebread & David Davies
2018 Mens Singles Matt Willis Mario Santos Costa
Mixed Doubles Amanda Wood & Matt Willis Andrew Whalley & Mike Deeks
2017 Ladies Singles Jo Jaggard Lisa Ostreicher
  Mens Singles Etienne van Wyk Paul Metcalfe
Ladies Doubles Jo Jaggard & Marjorie Cakebread
Mens Doubles Shane Russell & Chris Warren
  Mixed Doubles Amanda Wood & Pete Sparrow Deborah Page-Brown & Paul Metcalfe
Junior Ladder Aidan G Jo M
2016 Mens Singles Paul Metcalfe Matt Willis
Ladies Doubles Clare Warren & Marjorie Cakebread Angela Mileham & Jo Jaggard
Mixed Doubles Shirley Cook & Paul Metcalfe Liliana Granger & Mike Deeks
2015 Ladies Singles Tina Tupper Lisa Ostreicher
Mens Singles Paul Metcalfe Matt Willis
Ladies Doubles Jenni Ludlow & Deirdre Glover Lisa Ostreicher & Jo Jaggard
Mens Doubles Colin Plumb & Pete Sparrow Paul Metcalfe & Steve Keeling
Mixed Doubles Jenni Ludlow & Colin Plumb Deirdre Glover & Matt Willis
2014 Mens Singles Etienne van Wyk Paul Metcalfe
Ladies Doubles Shirley Cook & Vicky Chung Deirdre Glover & Shelley Drakes
Mens Doubles Paul Metcalfe & Greg Smyth Matt Willis & Pete Sparrow
Mixed Doubles Emily St John & Oliver Jewell Shirley Cook & Matt Willis
2013 Ladies Singles Caroline Bowers Deirdre Glover
Mens Singles Etienne van Wyk Paul Metcalfe
Ladies Doubles Christine Deeks & Lisa Oestreicher Vicky Chung & Shelley Drakes
Mens Doubles Etienne van Wyk & David Davies Chris Macsweeney & Will Bowers
Mixed Doubles Etienne van Wyk & Jo Jaggard David Davies & Caroline Bowers
2012 Singles Ladder Andrew Fox Tom Ludlow
Doubles Ladder Leanne Klopper & Mike Deeks Jenni Ludlow & Robbie Irvine
2011 Singles Ladder Robbie Irvine Geoff Bysouth
Junior Singles Chris Warren
Doubles Ladder Jenni Ludlow & Robbie Irvine Clare Warren & Geoff Bysouth
Winter Ladder
  Won by Runner Up
2020-21 Doubles Ant Carey & James Wood Lisa & Kira Oestreicher
2019-20 Doubles Andrew Fox & Liliana Granger Christine & Mike Deeks
2018-19 Doubles Shelly Drakes & Andrew Fox Emma & Paul Metcalfe
2017-18 Doubles Christine & Mike Deeks Amanda Wood & Matt Willis
2016-17 Doubles Andrew & Paul Metcalfe Shirley Cook & Andrew Fox
2015-16 Doubles Christine & Mike Deeks Shelly Drakes & Paul Metcalfe
2014-15 Doubles Matt Willis & Shane Russell Christine & Mike Deeks
2013-14 Doubles Clare Warren & Colin Plumb Sarah Cullip & Julian Vaughan
2012-13 Doubles Christine Deeks & Colin Plumb Sarah Cullip & Mike Deeks
2011-12 Doubles Sarah Cullip & Mike Deeks Christine Deeks & Colin Plumb
Singles Paul Metcalfe Andrew Fox
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