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Langford Tennis Club Bedfordshire Winter Championships Weather 27 tennis 0, anyone seen my tennis ball?
Courts have been cleaned
so please wipe your feet before playing

Club Announcements
League Play We have 3 ladies doubles, 5 mixed doubles, 4 mens and 1 veteran doubles teams in the mid beds leagues, if you aren't already in a team but would like to be look at the league match list page and contact the relevant captain

General session There are now general mix in sessions on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am until 12, Wednesday evening from 7:30pm and Saturday afternoons from 2pm
These are for Adults and invited juniors, basically you just turn up and keep playing until people are too tired to continue. You don't need a partner as we mix up from set to set so it is a chance get to play with lots of different people and get some practice in

Winter Ladder

Well done to Shelly & Andrew on winning the 2018-19 Winter Ladder, Paul and Emma were this years runners up

2019 AGM

Another good year, membership close to capacity and the last I heard said we can take another 15 or so people so don't dilly dally if you are thinking of joining

The courts are going to be re-finished again soon as the paint hasn't lasted as well as it should have so watch out for the court closure on the website diary

Winter 2018 Newsletter


Welcome to the LTC Winter Newsletter. Firstly, apologies for such a long gap between issues. We therefore have rather a lot to get through in this one! ……..


Well, what a lovely warm Summer we just had (although it certainly feels like a long time ago now!) The weather stayed kind for our annual LTC Summer Championship, held on 15th September.

There were 3 hotly contested matches, that thrilled the crowds! (yes, we had a small crowd and we even had an umpire, thank you Kevin!)


Singles – Matt v Mario

Doubles – Matt/Amanda v Mike/Andrew

Singles Runner-Up Plate – Andrew v Jo



Thanks to all that took part and congratulations to the winners (pictured) Matt, Amanda & Andrew, with our Chair; Caroline, who presented the trophies.



Lisa & Jo held another very successful Junior Tournament in June (with help from Justin & Paul J) The 14 Juniors that got off their gadgets for 3 hours, got rewarded with a lovely warm morning, and the standard of tennis was exceptional. All the children take turns in umpiring & being line judges, when they are not playing. Congratulations to Ella & Ethan, who won the coveted box of chocs!


Special mention to our MENS DOUBLES C TEAM, who topped their league for the Summer & MIXED B TEAM, who came 2nd in their league.


More recently (18th Nov), we hosted our first ever Junior Girls Tournament. With 4 of our younger female players, playing against 4 girls from Haslingfield Tennis Club. (another small-ish & friendly club nr. Cambridge)

An incredible level of tennis was played, and of course great sportsmanship was shown throughout.

Very well played to our strong pairings of, Kira & Emma, Lauren & Iris, who won overall. (I believe there will be an away match at somepoint as HTC enjoyed it so much, but maybe because they want revenge?!)

A big thanks must go to Justin and his friend and fellow coach, Paul Bonnington from Haslingfield Tennis Club, for organising this. It was a great experience for all involved.


We have 14 pairings taking part this year. If you would still like to join in please email


We have a very busy team of 9 volunteers, who meet up a few times a year to try and help run this lovely club.


After a successful bid by the Playing Fields & Village Hall Committees to obtain a grant for the purchase of a new defibrillator. We are delighted to let you know that this is now in place and situated on the village hall wall opposite the courts.

Please take the time to make yourselves aware of it’s location.

Training on these machines and basic 1st Aid CPR was offered out to the village residents and local clubs.

A few LTC members took the opportunity to attend the training and learn life-saving skills.

We also have 6 members that have agreed to be the ‘Defib Guardians’ and ensure that the machine is in full working order at all times.

Well done to all involved in getting this vital piece of equipment in place.


The more observant of our members would have noticed our 3 lovely new post pads, the other members may just notice that they no longer hurt themselves when running into the spotlight posts!!

This was completed as part of our annual Risk Assessment that is required by the LTA.

There has been a key safe attached to the gate, which can be used to get out of the courts, in case of a power cut.

We will also be painting the steps around the clubhouse, with non-slip paint.




There has been a few ‘electrical issues’ with the spot lights recently. This has occurred when members have used the fuse box to turn off the lights. Please ensure that you only use the switches (circled in red) to put the spots on or off. Thanks!


New Clubhouse keys coming soon!

The lock will be changed and new keys issued to all members.
Our Membership secretary will inform you of how and when this will happen.

Good news is the new keys will be cheaper!





There are a few Adult & Junior coaching spaces available.

Session times for Juniors are Wed 4.30pm, 5.30pm, Thur 4.30pm, 5.30pm & Sat 10am, 11am.

Session times for adults are Wed 6.30pm, Thur 6.30pm & Sat 12pm. They are hour long slots for a 10 week course. 5.50ph for members, or 7.50 for non-members, a bargain as we do have a rather good coach!

If you’d rather a one-to-one with Justin, to top up your skills, the cost is 35ph.

For more info please contact:


Club Membership is at 132 with 80 Adults and 52 Students/Juniors.

We cap our membership at 150, so have plenty of availability if you know anyone who would like to join our local, friendly and successful club.

Contact Shelly on




It has been temporarily cancelled throughout December.


This is to increase court availability for the Winter Ladders Competition matches. They are therefore available from 7.30pm every Thursday in December.


Please do make use of this extra time to get as many matches played before the end of the year.

We will re-instate Cardio on 10th January 2019.


We continue to bag up and send off 250 used tennis balls for recycling.

Unfortunately not all tennis balls are able to be recycled. These include ones that are heavily weathered, have damage to the nap and are non-pressurised.

The ones we are unable to recycle are now put in the netted sack by the notice boards for anyone to take home for their pooches to play with!

Image result for dog tennis ball cartoon picture


A little Survey Monkey has been emailed out to all members to try and organise a social night in March 2019.

Four options were put forward at our last committee meeting.

1/ Quiz, Live Music & Food evening at the Church Hall

2/ Pub/Restaurant Dinner

3/ Race Night with Food at the Church Hall.

4/ Greyhound Racing at Henlow Dog Track.

Thanks to all those that have completed the survey so far, we do have one that is proving more popular than the others, but we will wait for more responses before a decision is made. Get voting!


Jo Jaggard has placed another order with our suppliers for some more good quality LTC Merchandise.

It really is great to see so many people wearing it.

Look out for some branded JOMA clothing coming in the new year. This should provide a wider choice in addition to our current range.


We are more than happy for you to make use of all the club’s kitchen facilities.

But.. please do wash up after yourselves, and keep the kitchen area clean for the other members and visitors to the club.

If the bin bag is overflowing, please change it. (There is a big bin in the carpark – key for this is in the top kitchen drawer)

Any recycling bags can be left in back room for collection or taken home and added into your own recycling bin.

And as for the toilet…..(joking)


Thanks in advance.


Moan over!!

The committee would like to thank Steve Fielding for his hoodonation! (see, no excuses not to run that around too ha ha!)



Our coach, Justin Layne, has kindly agreed to give a Tennis Top Tip for each Newsletter (hopefully we will run more than 2 a year in future!)

So here is the first for your delectation….

“Change your grip before it wears too thin. It is the only contact you have with the racket and can make a large difference to your level and help prevent injury from gripping the racket too hard”


We value and welcome your feedback, good and bad, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to this, we will be looking for a Junior Rep to help feed back the points of view from our youngest members - the next generation




“Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to reach out to you as we enter this festive period. I’m sure you will all be delighted and impressed to read about all the activity going on at the club, organised by your committee, on your behalf. Please don’t be shy to come forward with any new ideas you may have, we are always pleased to hear from you.


We’ve kicked off the Winter League, with a successful start across all teams. We now have 14 teams representing the club, that’s mighty impressive for such a small club. Good luck for the rest of the season.


On behalf of your hard working committee, we would like to wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!”

Image result for merry christmas & a happy new year tennis ball


Chairperson – Caroline Bowers

Membership – Michelle Drakes

Coaching & Juniors – Paul Metcalfe

Welfare Officers – Paul Jaggard & Lisa Oestreicher


2018 AGM Another successful year, membership continues at close to the maximum, people keep playing and the courts have been re-finished again

2017 Summer Tournaments There are informal social summer tournaments planned for

• Saturday 8th July 2pm
• Saturday 5th August 2pm

The format is decided on the day depending on numbers but it usually takes the form of an American Tournament.

You play 4 games with your partner (drawn on the day) and then 4 games with the opposing gentleman/lady against your partner. Confused? You will be…. But it’s great fun.

The tea and cake is always worth turning up for! To enter just turn-up on the day. There is a small entrance fee to cover the refreshments

2016 AGM Caroline takes over from Mike as Club Chair, let the celebrations commence

Sunday 20th September Summer Championships 2015 - Finals Day

Sunday 21st September Summer Championships 2014 - Finals Day
An excellent day, strong play, aching feet, heartache and great joy for results click on Internal Club Competitions

Saturday 31st May First Fun Tournament of the year
Thank you to Clare for organising. Winning lady was Caroline and winning man was Neil. A special mention (thank you) to Verity for a particularly scrummy cake (easy to see what motivates me the most!)

Friday 16th May The clubs first ever Social Evening and an excellent evening it was to!
Thank you to Deirdre for organising, Marjorie, Christine and Clare for cooking and helping. A special thanks to Kevin, for organising an excellent quiz (and I say that despite not being in the winning team) and Chris M for entertaining us all and very good he was to

Summer 2014 Club Championships: The draw has now been published so PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! Tennis From May to the end of August. Finals in September

Happy Summer and good luck to everyone

2013 Winter Ladder Our new handicapped winter ladder proved to be very popular with 14 pairs entering and lots of play during the winter season
The winners were Clare and Colin, an aggressive partnership that managed to win despite having their handicap adjusted in the middle of competition
Runners up were Sarah and Julian who made a slow start but finished strongly to a solid second place

Well done to everyone who played and don't forget, we can do it all again next year!

Saturday 6th July Langford Village Fete
Another well attended session, thank you to the members that volunteered to man the stand. The fastest serve competition was won by Robbie Irvine who was exceedingly subtle about letting Paul know that he had been beaten. Never mind Paul there is always next year!

Sunday 23rd June Open Day 2pm-5pm
In conjunction with the Bedfordshire LTA we are participated in "Play Tennis in Beds" event
Over 40 potential members attended and nine people signed up on the day!
Thank you to everyone that helped on the day
Saturday 18th May 60th Anniversary tournament

The tournament was organised by Clare and Caroline, thank you both. We had an excellent day and well done to all attendees

The winning lady was Sarah Cullip and the winning man was Paul Metcalfe. They showed their prowess by winning the final set 6-0, congratulations on some excellent play

The finalists still had enough energy left to pose for a picture at the end of the day. Thank you to our resident happy snapper Kevin Howell
May Tournament Finalists
Winter Ladders 2012-13 The doubles ladder was won by Colin Plumb and Christine Deeks
They had been runners up the previous year but this year they improved and took the top position. Well done to you both
October 1st Summer Ladders finished, Winter Ladders Start
Leanne Klopper and Mike Deeks won the mixed ladder and Andrew Fox won the singles ladder. As the winter ladders have just started now is a very good time to enter and start playing before the weather closes in
September 22nd Last Saturday Tournament of the year
Thank you to Clare for organising and catering an excellent day and a special thank you for organising the great weather. We had 12 entrants, for once balanced equally between boys and girls (ok men, women and a few grandparents) Perhaps we should call it the Langford Tennis Olympics as the updated format resulted in two final sets to rank the top players. Clare and Mike achieved Gold, Christine and Colin took the Silver with Vicky and William a very close 3rd for the Bronze
July 7th Langford Village Fete - the Tennis club joins in the fun
A good day although the weather made it a bit stop start, despite this a lot of people took part in the fastest serve (over 90 mph) and beat the coach (nobody did)
28th June Things are hotting up in the club ladders with two ladder matches on the same evening, we will need a court booking system at this rate! The evening also saw new Doubles ladder leaders with Jenni and Robbie moving to the top spot with a well deserved win over Leanne and Mike

Plenty of time to go so Contact Mike to join in the fun!
16th June Thank you to Caroline Bowers for organising this Fun Tournament. There were 9 entrants this time and I believe that congratulations are due to Shane who won at his first ever Fun Tournament
5th May Thank you to Clare Warren for organising this Fun Tournament and good weather to go with it again. 12 entrants played in the American Tournament style and Clare won the ladies side and Robbie won the mens. Well done to both of you
Second month in a row for Clare, have you been having coaching??
April - May Get back into Tennis Course
Runs from Sat April 21 to Sat 26 May inclusive
14th April Congratulations to Clare Warren for organising, and winning, this Fun Tournament and sorting out some good weather to go with it. Clare won 14 out of a possible 16 games on her way to victory. Well done Clare
Did I hear someone call FIX! surely not. In case you were wondering there were 8 other entrants
31st March The Winter Ladders have finished today
Congratulations to Paul Metcalfe for winning the Mens Ladder. Paul managed to beat all challengers on his way to victory
Congratulations to Sarah Cullip and Mike Deeks for winning the Mixed Doubles. They were beaten on their way to becoming champions but managed to win sufficient games to gain overall victory
3rd March The Fun Tournament was well attended with a three way tie for first place
Congratulations to Paul Metcalfe, Steve Fielding and Colin Plumb
all scoring 11 wins out of a possible 16
January 1 2011 Junior League Finished - 2012 League begins
A round of applause please for Chris Warren who won the clubs first ever Junior League
January 2 Winter Ladders finish end of March
When the weather permits you should be planning your campaign on the clubs Winter Ladders
Currently in the Ladies Ladder there are no entrants so put your name down and you could win!
Mixed and Mens Ladders have seen a reasonable amount of play so if you are wanting to win it is time to get those challenges in
28th December Ladies afternoon
Not sure what they were in the morning but in the afternoon they were definitiely ladies, lots of fun, tennis, mince pies and tea or alcohol depending on who was driving.
The event was another success for Caroline and there is a rumour going round that the next event will be at Easter so watch this space
30th November More Mixed ladder action
A round of applause please for Shirley and Andrew on winning their first ladder match, more coaching needed for Sarah and Mike
1st November Mixed ladder action
Kudos (and valuable points!) to the first pair of couples taking to the courts, Christine and Colin snagged the winning points at the 11th hour with victory in the tie break
31st October Mens singles ladder action
Having seen the glory that is bestowed upon the winning players it appears that people are starting their winter ladder campaigns early as we have already had two matches with Paul M taking an early lead in the tables
22nd October Caroline'll fix it
Almost immediately an appeal for a replacement fridge was launched Caroline came up trumps with an excellent replacement, appeal over
Now if you could just organise me winning the lottery....
21st October The external renovation of the club house has now been completed to a high standard
Internally, the dunny has been cleaned and re-painted, thank you Neil
A modern wood table and comfy chairs have replaced the previous garden furniture, thank you Caroline
The fridge is looking tatty, if anyone knows of a good one that is going spare then the club would be delighted to accept, collection can be arranged
1st October Jenni and Robbie won the mixed doubles ladder - well done for a sterling performance
Robbie won the Singles League after only one challenge, maybe we will see more activity in the Winter Ladder

The Winter 2011 Ladder is now open - let battle commence
Also 1st October Octobers Fun Tournament the winning lady was Vicky and the winning man was Paul M. Well done to both of you and commiserations to everyone else

With the fantastic weather we were expecting more entrants but the eight that did turn up had a cracking afternoons tennis followed by a very sociable time on the patio with the barbecue
21st September Congratulations to the Mixed A team for coming 2nd in the LTA Summer League Division 3 which should see them promoted to Division 2 for next summer
"Must try harder" to the Mixed B team who came 3rd in Division 4 and therefore missed promotion
17th September to
22nd October
Owing to the success of the present 'Return to tennis' course, we are running another one aimed at adults (new club members and non-members) who are starting out and want some coaching with like-minded souls!

The course will be run by Justin Layne, our LTA qualified and experienced coach, for up to eight adults (aged 16+) and will run 12 - 1pm for six weeks - Sat 17th Sept to Sat 22nd Oct inclusive.

Price is 18 for the six-week course payable upfront, or 24 if paying on a weekly basis. The low cost is because of kind sponsorship from Team Beds & Luton (with lottery funding).

Places are limited to the first 8 to register. Click the image to enrol and pay online... or email Paul Metcalfe for more information.
Get back into Tennis
1st September Clare and Geoff move to first place on the doubles ladder by beating the current leaders, talk about doing it in style.
Make the most of the good weather and challenge another couple today
23rd August More mixed doubles play in the ladders, its a crazy mixed up world but Deirdre and Don move to 1st equal in the ladder by losing to Jenni and Robbie. What do points make? Prizes!
11th August We have now given the go ahead for the external refurbishment of the clubhouse which will improve the general appearance of the site and make it weatherproof again!
The work is expected to start around mid september and may involve some disruption to play although it is hoped this will be minimal
6th August A very enjoyable fun tournament, peak holiday time and we still got 10 entrants. Teams were well picked (I was on one of the joint winning teams so I would say that) and everything flowed smoothly. Thank you John for organising the day and the food
26th July There are now 5 pairs with scores on the board in the Mixed Doubles Ladder, if you have joined yet then still plenty of opportunity to run up the ladder as it is played on a leap frog system. The scoring that is, not the tennis
20th July Membership is now up to 75, excellent news. Of course if all those 75 people get a friend to join why then we would have, um 1,2,3... lots of players
23rd July to
27th August
Team Beds & Luton are sponsoring places on coaching sessions at Langford, to qualify you need to be aged 16 or over and returning to, or wanting to start playing, tennis

Places are limited so Contact Paul Metcalfe for details or click the image to the right

Get back into Tennis

9th July Fun tournament organised by Mike, lots of people played other people, pairings drawn out of a hat. Various "constructive" criticism was received so John has a cunning plan for the next fun tournament to increase the enjoyment
If you want to see just how cunning John's plan is then you had better come to the next tournament on the 6th August
3rd July The first match in the Singles Ladder has just been played with Robbie beating Geoff, congratulations to the both as they are now 1 and 2 on the ladder
2nd July The Fete was very successful, a big thank you to Paul, Justin and Caroline for all their efforts in putting it together and everyone else who "helped". The serving speedometer proved especially popular with people coming back time after time.
There should be quite a few new members coming from this event and with Justin already planning what more can be done for next year it looks like a permanent fixture
27th June There are now 7 pairs in the Mixed Doubles Ladder, one game played and a new challenge issued, almost as much action as at Wimbledon
20th June The first match in the Ladders has just been played with Clare and Geoff beating Sarah and Mike, congratulations to the new ladder leaders
13th June The singles ladder is now underway with 5 people signed up for it, if you have the energy click the link and join the Ladder
11th June Two more pairs have signed up for the mixed doubles ladder, at this rate the whole club will be in there soon which is great
10th June Ladders get added to the club website see the new link for Ladders above this comment, if it isn't there then press F5 to refresh the page and it will appear
9th June Club Mixed Doubles ladder gets 3rd team entered - Christine and Colin are feeling competitive meanwhile Sarah and Mike remain at the top of the table (ok, they are there because they entered first and no matches have been played yet but they are looking comfortable and aren't going to move without a fight)
4th June Fun Tournament - Superbly organised by Caroline

Congratulations to the winners Sarah and Mike and must try harder to everyone else
3rd June Club Mixed Doubles ladder gets 2nd team entered - are Sarah and Mike going to have to fight for first place, Geoff and Clare think so
1st or 2nd June Looking after the courts
There are already long tyre skid marks on the surround to the courts, I am fairly sure we can rule out adults so those of you with younger members please can you impress upon them that the courts cost a lot of money and bikes MUST be kept off the court surface.
20th May Courts are now open again - bring your sun glasses
w/c 16th May Courts are being cleaned and repainted and will be out of action for most of this week
7th May Fun Tournament - Fed, watered and organised by Clare - excellent day

Well done to the winners Caroline and Neil and commiserations to everyone else
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